We Provide Measurable Data! 

1. Compare current surfaces against design and previous surveys to determine material moved, exported, imported, filled. Compare the data to takeoff quantities, contract quantities.

2. Measure stockpile and excavation volumes.

3. We measure construction pit material stockpiles, aggregates, sand, topsoil, and many other products used in your quarry operation with our drone mapping Services.

3. Accurately measure road grades, slopes and measure elevation.
4. Conduct detailed site inspections and share inspection reports.

5. Track project progress.

​6. Aerial Imagery.

Our services can provide many types of valuable data and produce KLM, DXF, geoTIFF, DTM, LAZ point cloud, JPG Ortho, OBJ 3D Model, .TIF DEM (/ DSM / DTM).

Construction Drone Mapping

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R Phoenix Farms LLC

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Drone Services

​​Construction Drone Services - Michigan

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​FAA Certified Pilots

About Us

  • R Phoenix Farms LLC is a civil industry provider of UAV flight services including site mapping. We have a strong background in excavating, grading, and civil engineering projects which uniquely equips us to understand and provide solutions for our customers.
  • With over 32 years in the civil construction industry RPF without question understands the need for accuracy in measured data in the construction and mining industry. 
  • We don't just take pictures, even though they are an amazing byproduct of our work, we obtain and provide usable accurate data on your construction, mining, or aggregate pit project.  We use high geometric accuracy ground control points, AeroPoints, which are the world’s only ground control points designed specifically for our drone services and systems. This provides our clients with accurate volume, linear, area measures to track site earthwork cubic yard progress, area grading, stockpile volumes, pit excavation quantities, topographic overlays and more at lower cost and faster results than other measurement methods.
  • Our drone services and mapping provide an easy way for construction site and quarry managers to visualize their site transformation as the project moves forward. This is especially important to ensure they’re meeting the predefined schedule and stay within the planned budget as well as to inform multiple contractors and remote stakeholders on progress to date. Contact us today to begin obtaining accurate measurable project data that's literally under your feet!

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