See what it looks like inside our platform by clicking on the video below! 

We generate information through detailed drone mapping of your project giving your team a look at the project like they've never seen before. interactively.

  Need more information or pricing? Simply enter some basic information in the form  on our "Contact Us" page and we'll get you all the information you need to begin making  all the big decisions you always have but now with real project data backing it all up.

We can even set you up to have a look inside of the software platform we use to process our flights and get information on  topos, measurements,  a view of overall progress on the site by all team members, useful data needed on an earthwork project, pit operation, or general building project. This is just a demo so you wont have the use of all of our tools but have a peek inside. Once contracted to map your project you'll have full access to the platform  if mapped with control points. We have other exciting platforms for your use even if ground control isn't  used in your project mapping.

(Your information will not be shared and we will not contact you, we'll wait to hear from you!)

Having a look at  our platform through  a general request is just a demo, when you have R Phoenix Farms LLC fly your project  with ground control you get full access for volume calcs,  Stockpile volumes, pit & excavation volumes, cut fills, lineal measurements, topography,  DTM, DXF, KML files, overlays to design to quantify volumes of earth moved and earthwork volumes remaining. 

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You 'll receive full access to our construction analytic tools with many of our construction mapping services. 

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